Leading Debt Recovery Company in UAE


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The number of individuals and businesses failing under debt across the globe is at an all-time high nowadays. Debt is causing various negative effects on hundreds of businesses as they are suffering from many of their customers continuously not paying their outstanding amounts on time which is interfering with their business operations. A collection account negatively affects a debtor’s credit score for up to seven years, and debtors often decide to pay back their debts to avoid damage to their credit.

Hiring third party debt collection agencies has become one of the more efficient and effective ways to retain payment on outstanding accounts for many businesses. Debt recovery agencies will have experience in collecting unpaid debts, which only increases a company’s odds of collecting delinquent debts. This also allows company owners to maintain their primary focus on running their business, as a collection agency will take all the burden away. Collection agencies also pose a higher threat to debtors than an individual from the business would.


Peninsula Business Solutions (PBS) is an expert Debt Collection Agency . Our Debt Collectors dependably work to the highest of standards. As debt collectors, we are constantly aware of future client connections and are professionals by being fair, respectful, honest and law abiding with our clients debtors.

Being one of the leading debt recovery specialists in the world, PBS has attributed its success on the practices and structured approaches that it has created in order to act as an effective mediator to ensure that the end result will lead to a mutually agreeable resolution.

As each case is different, PBS begins by conducting extensive research in order to create the best specialised strategy for each client depending on their specific needs and circumstances. The route we take towards debt collection is tailored in a way that strives to achieve the greatest profitable return within the parameters set. We also focus on making sure our clients are kept up-to-date on our progression during key stages by providing them with detailed reports and feedback. This kind of commitment is what enables us to become the debt recovery agency that all firms can benefit from.

PBS is licensed by the UK Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and has being providing debt recovery services for the past 8 years and then moved to the UAE where it has not been operating for the past 5 years.


Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Business Setup


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Qatar, once one of the poorest Gulf States, is one of the richest countries in the region today.

Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) was established by the government in 2005 with a mandate to support the development of a world-class financial services sector in the State of Qatar. Qatar’s rapid growth, political stability, open economy and geographic position between East and West are instrumental in helping the country to realize its ambition to be a leading financial centre. The QFC offers both local and foreign firms a legal system based on English common law, one of the region’s most robust regulatory regimes along with one of the most business friendly tax environments in the world and efficient administration.


Over the past six years, the QFC has been refining the legal and regulatory environment and developing the infrastructure needed to realize the investment potential of Qatar and the wider region. Whilst continuing to welcome all types of financial services firms, in 2010 the QFC Authority further refined its strategy to focus on the creation of hubs in niche sectors, creating a uniquely sustainable platform for regional growth in reinsurance, captive insurance and asset management.

The QFC offers an open and transparent market

The QFC provides an onshore trading environment with a legal structure based on English common law and a strong principles-based regulatory structure.  Foreigners may own 100% of companies in Qatar and profits can be repatriated.   Civil and commercial disputes may be brought before the QFC Civil and Commercial Court (in English), while work is in progress to unify and streamline the country’s financial regulatory system.

The QFC seeks the continuous evolution of the environment to ensure the optimum conditions for financial services growth.  The last 12 months have been no exception with a number of notable enhancements to the regulatory regime as well as to the legal and tax environment in Qatar.

The QFC Authority enacted regulations introducing an attractive new tax regime which became effective on 1 January 2010. The salient features of the regime include:

  • 10% corporation tax on locally sourced profits
  • Self-assessment regime and advance transaction ruling scheme
  • Tax incentives for the  reinsurance, captive insurance and asset management industries
  • Zero personal income tax
  • No restrictions on dealing in any currency
  • Access to an extensive network of double taxation treaties negotiated with other countries.

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BVI Offshore Company Setup


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An offshore company is a company where the legal space is decoupled from the real space where the firm is located. Offshore companies are usually used to avoid some kind of legislation (tax, financial or regulatory).


We describe the history and the main characteristics of the tax havens The British Virgin Islands (BVI). We discuss the financial channels used in these jurisdictions to move money and assets across borders, such as the incorporation of corporations (known as International Business Corporations), trusts that are financial holding companies, asset management companies, and captive insurers.

British Virgin Islands (BVI)

BVI are a British overseas territory with a population of 25,000 inhabitants. In spite of the small size, they host over 800,000 offshore companies’ financial services represent 36% of BVI’s GDP (£206 million).

The main area of specialization of the BVI is the incorporation of corporations (known as International Business Corporations) trusts that are financial holding companies, asset management companies, captive insurers, and the like.

The BVI are also the second largest global domicile for investment hedge funds (Sullivan, 2007) In addition, the BVI have also a strong position in insurance markets, where they tend to specialize in smaller captives (insurance companies).

The BVI tax haven has no taxes in place for BVI offshore companies that do not carry out business in the jurisdiction. International business companies therefore pay zero taxes on the profits, interests, dividends and other types of incomes earned outside of the jurisdiction.

BVI offshore corporations pay no corporate tax, capital gains tax, estate tax, withholding tax or income tax. All an offshore company pays in the BVI is an annual fee which is paid to the relevant government authorities. For this reason the BVI can be regarded as a pure offshore tax haven.

In addition, BVI imposes no taxes on offshore bank accounts. This makes the BVI an ideal jurisdiction in which to set up offshore bank accounts.

The development of BVI as a tax haven started in 1984 when the BVI authorities enacted the International Business Companies Act. The International Business Companies Act introduced a new legislation that allowed the formation of offshore companies that were exempt from local taxes. Since then, the BVI have become one of the most important tax havens in the world. This makes the BVI the largest registry of international companies in the world and, thus, they hold an important place in the global financial infrastructure. Like in other tax havens, most of the registered BVI companies undertake all of their financial activities outside of the BVI. Therefore, money and transactions do not flow through the BVI.

The BVI as a tax haven also provide confidentiality and privacy to the beneficial owners and directors of offshore business corporations through the BVI’s offshore business corporations’ act. The names of the offshore company’s shareholders, directors and the company’s minutes of meetings and resolution   documents are not filed with the Registrar of Companies. Information about the beneficial owners is not made public. This means that this information does not become public. Such information is only known to the registered agent of the company who is also responsible for keeping the information. The offshore business legislation provides further privacy by allowing offshore corporations in the BVI to be incorporated using nominee directors and shareholders.

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Company Setup in Dubai International City


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Business in Dubai International City – Dragon Mart Dubai UAE

Located just 12 kilo-meters from Dubai International Airport, International City is a dramatic new complex that is destined to be a world-class hub for international investors, traders and retailers from around the world. A themed environment of residences, business opportunity and tourist attractions, infrastructure construction is already underway, with the first phase expected to be completed and operational towards the end of 2006. International City covers 800-hectares of land and will comprise 6 key areas, including The Central District, Dubai Gates, The Dragon Mart, The Residential District, Lakes District and The Forbidden City.



One can assume that International City will house many of the thousands of staff that will be employed in Dubailand, most likely resulting in long term company rentals.

In the shorter term, the rental market in Dubai is very strong with demand far outstripping supply, which allows us to guarantee to our purchasers, annual 10% yields for the first 3 years from completion, therefore immediately guaranteeing 30% of their investment.


International City is located beside Emirates Road, Dubai, which links 6 of the 7 Emirates by means of motorway. Central Dubai is a 15 minute drive away, while one can be in Abu Dhabi in less than an hour. A most appealing aspect of International City from an investment viewpoint, along with Dubai’s lack of property taxation and guaranteed 10% Per Annum Nett Yield is its proximity to Dubai land, the under construction facility more than twice the area of Disneyland in Florida. Dubai land will comprise magnificent theme parks along with the state of the art Dubai Sports City.

Some of the features of this will be a 65,000 seater multipurpose stadium along with two similar venues of smaller capacity, Manchester United Soccer School, John Lloyd Tennis Academy & a Greg Norman Golf Academy comprising several golf courses and top class coaching facilities.

There is no taxation on rental income or capital gain in the UAE.
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Mega free zone cluster created with the launch of Wholesale City


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Dubai is launching a new Wholesale City that will span an area of 550 million square feet in close proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali port. The aim of the new wholesale city is to expand UAE’s share of the global wholesale trade sector.

The Dubai Government has contributed significantly to help create a world class infrastructure that is ideal for business owners seeking to operate its business in this logistic hub. The new city will be an additional exemplary example to what Dubai has created and the demand for quality logistics that businesses have experienced and expected being located in Dubai.

The declaration additionally answers what Dubai expects to do to keep stirring energy into its real estate space once the Expo 2020 celebration is over. The City intends to help facilitate the whole process of receiving and delivering the goods within the broadened land corridor.

ref: http://www.peninsulabusinesssolution.com/launch-dubai-wholesale-city/

The Chairman of Danube Group, Rizwan Sajan said that China has massive economic zones that combine important economic activities that are within the city limits with the outside. Dubai has achieved such a point in its traditional business operational hubs, some of which are Nasr Square in Deira and Meena Bazaar in Bur Dubai. The country is now provided with an ideal opportunity to move such exercises and starts providing these comprehensive offerings to the wholesale trade that are located outside of the city. The Wholesale City will be the best fit for building material trade as it is in such close proximity to the airport and seaport.

It is expected that many of the wholesalers will be a part of the project, many that are already operating in the market and others will be experiencing it for the first time. More than 15,000 wholesale traders are estimated to be involved in the project.

Investors are keeping a close watch on the development of the city as developers are traveling towards Dubai South which is a mega-city known for its logistics zone, residential and office components, an exhibition cluster and having the world’s largest airport. Areas in the other industrial parks in Dubai are also equally favored. The recipients are Dubai Investments Park, Dubai Industrial City and various smaller clusters like the Techno Park

According to Managing Director of Global Capital Partners, the consultancy, Sameer Lakhani, The Wholesale City will still offer investors the capacity to capitalize on land value appreciation despite the City now rising up out of the planning phase. The foundation of other free zones is an additional example of the city’s preceding dependence on zones to empower sector-specific activity. As Dubai moves away from the oil sector, it focuses its efforts more towards platforms led by trade, tourism, logistics and finance.

Assessing from the planning of the project, it is expected to be significantly an ambition endeavor with a long development period which is why investors are being advised to maintain and adjust their expectations in regards to what they expect to gain in returns and when they expect to receive it.


According to Godchaux one of the main challenges that will be faced by the Wholesale City will be facing is the same that Dubai South has been struggling with which attracting private investors to lease units out instead of building to suit and taking the development risk. Building suit is unfortunately limited to the largest players.

He added that the lack of private investment is preventing them from developing quality facilities for potential occupiers. Despite the demand and positive potential return ratios, Dubai South is still facing these challenges as other beneficiaries have also faced such as the DIP (Dubai Investments Park).

The rent for industrial properties in Dubai South is between Dh45-Dh60 a square foot whereas the rental value is between Dh35-Dh45 a square foot in the Jebel Ali Industrial Area and for Jebel Ali Free Zone, the rent is Dh40 to Dh60 per square feet.

Free zones thrive in Dubai’s landscape

Dubai has made several efforts to combine industrial and trading activities by creating a specified free zone for them. This prompted the expansion of one for the textile trade and another for the offering of second-hand vehicles.

The UAE is pushing ahead with a large number of new advancement activities. The UAE government continues to focus on areas such as transport and social infrastructure despite the economic issues over the last 18 months. The approval of projects is now worth over $1.9 billion in the country and shows the commitment in improving the quality of life whilst elevating the appeal of the region’s most appealing venture destination for outside capital.


Leading Consultancy service for Business – Company Setup Dubai

Company Setup Dubai

Establishing a new business requires a great deal of expertise in terms of drafting an effective business plan and performing market research which can sometimes become overwhelming for those who aren’t well versed in these business practices. Hiring a business consultancy firm to register your business startup may be your best option. Hiring a leading consultancy agency like Peninsula business solutions (PBS) will help you facilitate your business formation process.

Peninsula Business Solutions (PBS) Ltd was established in the UK in 2004 and is licensed by the UK OFT (Office of Fair Trading) to provide Consumer Credit Services. We are regulated by the OFT and follow the strict guidelines provided by the UK FSA (Financial Services Authority). Our business activities include business solutions, debt recovery & management.

PBS will not only guide you through the setting up process but will also register the company for you. PBS can also help with opening your bank account, arrange for an auditor, do your renewals and offer you nominee services.

PBS has a team of experts to plan out your company registration from scratch which includes the strategies you need to follow in order to smoothly set up your business, offering licensing and location options, in case of any hurdles consultants can provide you with numerous solutions. PBS will deal with all the fundamental necessities to help business visionaries enroll their business lawfully with insignificant issues. We have practical experience in giving top of the line proficient consultancy on Company Registration in Dubai and organization setup administrations over the UAE.

You may find our expertise in dealing with the local government bureaucracy and with Free Zone Authorities to be of great help in planning your business startup costs.

We go above and beyond to support the needs of our clients and provide them with un-matchable opportunities for both growth and global influence.



RAK Offshore Company Setup

Offshore companies are corporate entities that hardly ever conduct its business in its country of origin. These companies are formed under a jurisdiction where the taxation is lower and the reporting restrictions are more lenient that the country in which the business originally resides in.

The Ras Al KhaimahInvestment Authority (RAKIA) has established the RAK Offshore and in just 14 months of its operation as an alternate offshore location in the Middle East, RAK Offshores client portfolio had amplified to over 1,900 International Business Companies (IBCs) that are providing their customers with specialized financial and non-financial (real estate holding and tax planning) services.

RAK Offshore offers firms and individuals a wide variety of services and structures that are committed to non-residents. Some of the main businesses of many international firms that are registered with RAK Offshore are related to real estate and property investments. RAK has been able to create effective infrastructure projects and polices that are able to provide international firms the best environment for their offshore companies.

One of the main benefits of RAK Offshore are that it offers complete privacy and confidentiality where under the law the IBC owners are kept confidential, making sure that the business environment of the offshore is helpful for both the individual and corporate investors.

Other benefits of RAK Offshore:

  • 100% tax free in UAE
  • 100% expat ownership
  • No UAE national sponsor required
  • No NOC (no objection certificate) is required in case of employment in the UAE or other GCC states
  • Minimum capital of the company is 10,000 AED with 10,000 shares of each 1 AED value
  • An individual can set up a RAKIA Offshore Company as a sole shareholder, director and secretary of the company
  • Can be registered remotely (JAFZA Offshore requires presence of minimum. 2 directors).
  • No physical presence is required in UAE
  • Quick company registration, usually within two working days once all documents are provided
  • Open a corporate bank account in the UAE in a variety of major foreign currencies.
  • No annual audit is required
  • For More information visit: http://www.rakoffshore.co/

Abu Dhabi Global Market now open for Business

Abu Dhabi Global Market begins License processing for Financial Service applications

Starting from October 21, 2015, the International Financial centre (IFC) in Abu Dhabi, known as the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) declared that it’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FRSA) will now begin to give their consent and approval to certain applications for financial services licence.

It was said on a press statement that this announcement from the Abu Dhabi Global Market came after the publication of Financial Services and Markets Regulations (FSMR) and the FSRA Rules. These regulations and rules make up the legislative and regulatory structure for the financial services at the IFC.

These rules and regulations consist of many possibilities that offer a variety of regulated services in finance. Some of the services include asset management, banking and insurance businesses. The regulations also consist of requirements to help maintain the overall interests of the market’s infrastructure system, conduct rules and the marketplace itself. It also has requirements that protect ADGM’s power to enforce its law and commit disciplinary actions.

ADGM believes that under the FSMR and the FSRA rules, firms and individuals will be able apply for the appropriate licence for financial services that will help them facilitate their local, regional or international expansion.

The Chairman of ADGM, Ahmed Ali Sayegh said that the FRSA’s operations with giving their approval on financial services licence applications has now become an important achievement that accelerates the progress of ADGM.  He also mentioned that they have been extremely committed in the ADGM development strategy which is based on an approach that consists collaborating with different institutions (local, regional and international) and gathering their input to make sure that the international financial centre offers jurisdiction in order to allow firms to grow and succeed by providing them with what they need and want.

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Dubai World Central Cost Effective for new Business


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dwc company setup

Today’s businesses demand greater levels of connectivity along with the flexibility to grow. DWC (Dubai world central) is the central to your business success, DWC is designed for boosting international business through providing 100% ownership to expatriates and single window administration convenience. Dubai world central companies can benefit from the free zone environment offered by the Business Park, and enjoy advantages such as 100 per cent tax-free operations; the free zone has access to the largest Jabel ali sea-port and flawlessly links the port to Al maktoum International Airport

Cost effective compared to other free zones

DWC has excellent co-operations with government departments and authorities resulting in streamlined company formation procedures, simple company operations and cost effective solutions. Dubai World Central is a continuation of Dubai’s legacy as a connection point between the East and the West. The minimum capital requirement to incorporate a Free Zone Limited Liability company (FZ-LLC) depends on the business activity. There is usually no capital requirement for branch companies.

Dubai world central most suitable Free Zone for logistical purposes


Key Benefits:

  • An economic zone powered by a world-class airport
  • 11 well-appointed ready built commercial buildings
  • Fitted-out and shell & core offices now available to lease
  • Versatile office spaces starting from 40m and above
  • 100% foreign ownership and zero

Tax policy

  • Variety of business licenses
  • Opportunities to expand
  • Variety of retail and service amenities
  • One employee visa per 8m


  • Centrally Situated 45 Minutes from Abu Dhabi and 20 Minutes from New Dubai Directly Served By Sheikh Zayed, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed (E311) and Emirates Road (E611) Advantageous Car Parking Provision

Complete Turn-Key Business Services:

  • On-site license and visa authority easy business set-up minimum paperwork required
  • Commercial terms:
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Flexible leasing terms

DWC’s premium Free Zone Business offers companies a workspace to benefit from exceptional facilities, amenities and services, which is key to an aerotropolis concept.

PBS consultants manage and ensure that our clients receive the most appropriate, timely and cost effective solution.

PBS are approved local agents by DWC For detailed information on the license types and business activities that the Dubai World Central offers contact our advisers at info@pbsolutions.ae / +971 4 388 7619 for complete further assistance.

How to Register a Business Name in Dubai

Do you know the best small businesses in Dubai? Would you enjoy starting a company in Dubai however you don’t know the top business to commence? Do you want to know what it takes to try and do business in this United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

The United Arab Emirates is usually a business hub. Its commercial capital, Dubai, offers easy access to the 1. 5 billion consumer markets located within Africa, West Asia, CIS countries, Asian Europe, as well because neighboring Middle Distance countries.

setup dubai business

Dubai and Qatar are some of the Arab countries everyone is trooping to now due to favorable economy and also job opportunities there. However, this article just isn’t about finding a career in Dubai; it is about starting an enterprise and creating work opportunities in Dubai. Now who should take up a business in Dubai and also why should persons be encouraged to start out a business in Dubai?

Which license is the most likely for you? Discover the steps you need to take

Dubai Business Name Register: We discuss on this page the categories and procedures needed to get your business licensed and registered in Dubai .

Any business connected with any category has to have Business (Trade) Permission in Dubai.

dubai freezone comapny

The requirements for just a Trade License and also the permissions required through various agencies as well as government ministries can vary according to the category of the business.

That means some forms of businesses for illustration financial services, wellness services, printing as well as publishing, food trading involve more clearances than say holistic trading business.

Dubai Business Register: There are basically 3 kinds of licenses issued with Dubai

Depending about the nature of the activity a business entity plans to undertake, one of these types of license categories will likely be issued:

  1. Commercial License – to be issued to a company that will engage in any type of trading activity.
  2. Industrial License – to be issued to a company that will engage in manufacturing or any industrial activity.
  3. Professional License – to be issued to agencies, professionals, artisans, as well as craftsmen.

The Office of Economic Progress (DED), Dubai could be the government agency responsible for issuing these the necessary licenses for Dubai. The particular department operates through several locations delivering the licensing products and services.

This is in which a businessman must get a comprehensive range connected with services.

Dubai Business Register: Requirements intended for business licensing

offshore business

Dubai Business Registration : Business signing up approval process

  • Issuance of the necessary licenses for banks and also other financial institutions has to have the approval from the UAE Central Financial institution.
  • Issuance of the necessary licenses for manufacturing companies has to have the approval from the Finance and Marketplace Ministry.
  • Issuance of the necessary licenses for companies operating in insurance and also other similar business have to have the approval from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, UAE.
  • Issuance of the necessary licenses for medical as well as pharmaceutical products has to have the approval from the UAE Health Ministry.
  • Regarding companies engaged with gas or oil production, additional endorsements as well as approvals from different government agencies may be needed.
  • In normal, business registration in Dubai has to have the involvement from the Dubai Chamber connected with Commerce and Marketplace.


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