Free Trade Zones of UAE

If you are looking for a good and profitable business in UAE, you should consider starting business in Free Trade Zones of UAE as they are tax heaven for Businessmen. They provide Corporate Tax Exemptions for up-to 50 years, Cheap and abundant resources, inexpensive workforce and recruitment process is really easy; you can enjoy exemption from every kind of import an export duty, 24 hour operation authority and one stop Administrative services. They provide 100% repatriation of Profits and costs, also no Personal Income tax is levied in Free Trade Zone.

Business formation in Free Trade Zones of UAE is also made easier by providing trade zones at places in Abu Dhabi like Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone, Abu Dhabi Global market, Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone Etc. and places in Dubai like Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai Multi Commodies Center, and Economic Free Zone Etc.

Limitations of Free Zones

Your business formation in UAE Free Zones might be effected by limitations of Free Zones that You cannot Trade Directly with UAE Market also you will have to pay custom duty of 5% for every kind of business.