Dubai World Central Free Zone Business

DWC’s Logistics District is the first free zone in Dubai to invest time and money in developing such a smart system, in cooperation with Dubai Customs and Dubai Trade and exploring customers’ feedback to learn their needs and determine the best new technologies that will enhance the efficiency and speed in issuing permits for the entry, storage and exit of local goods to and from the free zone.

Company Setup in DWC


Situated strategically at the entrance of DWC, also the venue for the World Expo 2020, the Business Park Free Zone is ideally suitable for leading companies. Its world class office buildings offer unmatched scalability and flexibility. Business Park Free Zone offers very attractive commercial lease terms and 100 per cent ownership, and clients have the additional advantage of the state-of-the-art infrastructure at DWC, the easy accessibility to Al Maktoum International Airport, and the proximity to main highways to access markets in the MENA, Asia and Europe.

Dubai World Central Takes the Initiative to Launch the Free Zone Local Gate Pass System

The Logistics District at Dubai World Central announced the launch of a modern electronic system that regulates the process of issuing entry permits of local goods to the free zone and reduces the time necessary to issue these permits.


Logistics House

  • Simplest and quickest way to start operations in DWC
  • Located next to DWC’s cargo terminal Logistics House is the perfect platform for
  • consolidation & de-consolidation of cargo
  • multi-modal transportation
  • warehousing
  • value-added services
  • Warehouses from 80sqm to 999sqm
  • 80% already reserved for DWC logistics companies

The Business Park

  • The Business Park consists of the DWC HQ and 10 buildings.The-Business-Park
  • Grade A office spaces located at the heart of DWC with direct access to Emirates Road
  • Fully leased and managed by DWC
  • Fitted-out & shell and core office options
  • Clients operating from these premises will enjoy the benefits of a Free Zone company without being located inside the customs bonded area

Professional DWC Company Setup. Fast & Efficient & Best prices on the market.

Register your business in DWC

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Ireland Investor Residence (Business People to acquire Second Residencies)


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Investor residence programmes projects are an appealing open door for speculators and business people to acquire second residencies in the absolute most created and rich nations.

Residencies are ordinarily gotten through one of the accompanying strategies:

  • Real estate purchase
  • Direct government based investment
  • Establishment of substantial business operations

Second residency projects offer financial specialists colossal profits, for example, visa free go in Schengen nations, secure surroundings for their families, a firm atmosphere for business and changeless citizenship.

Peninsula Business Solutions is the only company which has the capability to give second investor programmes in Ireland. PBS is UAE Company licensed by DIFC.

Under suggestions to be laid out soon, Ireland will start to offer unique visas to people who put resources into Ireland.

The proposal comes as Ireland looks to revamp its economy and money related markets after one of the greatest managing an account falls ever. The Irish government has additionally said they will offer finders’ fees of approximately 4,000 euros in the event that you discover somebody who makes employments in Ireland and will offer tax reductions for administrators moving to the nation.

Investors will have the capacity to bring relatives with them on the visa. Successful candidates will be conceded residence consent for a long time which will be renewable from that point gave the business is still operational and the candidate is gaining a living without being a load on the nation. There will be no prerequisite to utilize individuals for the initial two years. Likewise, the business won’t be obliged to be gainful at the reestablishment stage.

Office 414, 4th Floor North Tower,Emirates Financial Towers
P.O. Box 334155, DIFC (Financial Center), Dubai,UAE.
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Peninsula Business Solutions Provide best Company setup in Dubai


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Business Setup in Dubai

Any business registered into the Dubai Free Zones can have 100 per cent foreign property. This is an important advantage as in any other case Dubai does not allow foreigners to obtain a company operating out of the metropolis completely. They are not even permitted to own bulk stake and can have a maximum of 49 per cent stake in a Dubai restricted liability business. However, there isn’t a such restriction with regards to any of the Free Areas in Dubai in addition to foreign nationals are free to own approximately they want in their Dubai Company into the free zone.

The other significant good thing about doing business within a free zone could be the tax exemption fond of all corporations. Businesses insides the free zone do not need to pay almost any taxes whatsoever for just a certain number of years. This can be anything among 10 to help 15 years and also the exemption can be renewable also.

Free zones will often have an excellent infrastructure in addition to business environment. All feasible amenities are available in these free zones in addition to companies provide an immaculate platform that to carry out their organization activities. We have a lot regarding government support also for development of the free zones and as such several positive aspects are handed down to corporations operating interior these free zones.

The main perception of establishing free zones inside United Arab Emirates was for them to serve as being a central organization hub intended for companies prepared to conduct business while using outer earth, not specifically inside United Arab Emirates.

The city of Dubai is the part of a group of Emirates in Middle East, which together makes the UAE. They are incorporated in many characteristics, but every Emirate has their individual tax decree, somewhat differing from an Emirate to another providing different techniques of Company Setup in Dubai. The group of well-organized and efficient professionals from the PBS makes these taxation problems sorted out and the company set up a lot easier by working parallel to the government authorities.

Business registration in Dubai


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Dubai is one of the most beautiful places of the world and the economy of the world is increasing with each new day and the richer class of the world moving towards Dubai due to its economy and business environment of Dubai. Dubai is the strongest economy of the world from the last ten years. Different companies and agencies are working in Dubai to guide the foreigner’s and nationals in their business setup.

Peninsula Business Solutions is a leading company which is facilitating the investors and other people in the registration of the business and the experts and professionals facilitate investors with their skills and knowledge of the business. There are so many steps involved in the registration and licensing of the company in Dubai and the investor have to meet all requirements of the registration process. There are so many free zones in Dubai and the requirements of all free zones are different from other countries. Determination of the free zone license type is essentials for the business setup and company registration.

The company and business should be according to the legal structure and form. The investors have to pay the fee and charges of the business set up as taxable at the start of the business.


Office 414, 4th Floor North Tower,Emirates Financial Towers
P.O. Box 334155, DIFC (Financial Center), Dubai,UAE.
Tel:+971 4 388 7619 | Fax: +971 4 455 8556

Setup a Business in Dubai

Setup of Business in Dubai: Sponsor or no sponsor.

Business Setup in Dubai is easy with right procedure and requires a very simple process. One of the biggest problems in Business Setup in Dubai is to determine whatever you want a Sponsorship based Business of 49% or 100% business in the Free Trade Zone in Dubai.

Sponsor Based

The First thing that you need is a sponsor, a local UAE National who holds 51% share in your Business and receives a negotiable Yearly Income, with that Sponsor, you can open your business anywhere in the UAE.

Free Trade Zone

If you want to avoid the cost of sponsorship in Dubai and want to be 100% owner of your own business, you can start your business in trade free zones of Dubai, but it should be remembered that business locations in Free Trade Zones charge more rent than in other places.

Business Formation in UAE Freezones

Free Trade Zones of UAE

If you are looking for a good and profitable business in UAE, you should consider starting business in Free Trade Zones of UAE as they are tax heaven for Businessmen. They provide Corporate Tax Exemptions for up-to 50 years, Cheap and abundant resources, inexpensive workforce and recruitment process is really easy; you can enjoy exemption from every kind of import an export duty, 24 hour operation authority and one stop Administrative services. They provide 100% repatriation of Profits and costs, also no Personal Income tax is levied in Free Trade Zone.

Business formation in Free Trade Zones of UAE is also made easier by providing trade zones at places in Abu Dhabi like Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone, Abu Dhabi Global market, Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone Etc. and places in Dubai like Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai Multi Commodies Center, and Economic Free Zone Etc.

Limitations of Free Zones

Your business formation in UAE Free Zones might be effected by limitations of Free Zones that You cannot Trade Directly with UAE Market also you will have to pay custom duty of 5% for every kind of business.

Company registration in Dubai

Company registration in Dubai

For, the last twenty years, Dubai, is a world’s trade point. It is one of the largest visiting places and it is the most populated city of United Arab Emirates. The most prestigious locations of the world are located in Dubai. To start a business in Dubai is a dream of many entrepreneurs of the world. The richer class of the world is moving towards Dubai and is establishing their business here. To start a business in Dubai is not an easy work it involves many steps including in these are

  • The permission from the Economic Development department Dubai, which is responsible for issuing the licenses to the business holders
  • Agreement of The Dubai chamber of commerce and industry, which is the statuary body, allows the entrepreneurs to start a business here
  • The most important step to apply for the registration of company and procuring the require licenses which may be
  • Trade license
  • Industrial license
  • Professional license
  • Engineering consultancy according to the type of business you are going to establish.

UAE the Country of Business Hub

The UAE is a federation of seven Emirates comprising Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain and was formed on 2 December 1971. The UAE federal constitution was permanently accepted in 1996 and provides for an allocation of powers between the federal government and the government of each Emirate.

The constitution provides the legal framework for the federation and is the basis of all legislation promulgated at a federal and emirate level. Pursuant to the constitution, the federal government has exclusive jurisdiction in various substantive matters, including foreign policy, defense and security. Legislation passed at a federal level has primacy over the local laws of each Emirate. The local government of each Emirate is, however, permitted under Article 113 of the constitution to regulate all local matters which are not subject to federal legislation or matters which are not expressly reserved in the constitution to the federal union (examples of such federal matters being foreign affairs, defense and health). As such, the governments of each individual Emirate retain substantial powers to regulate commercial activities, issue trade licenses and effect the incorporation of corporate entities to the extent that such activity is not already regulated under federal legislation.

The UAE judicial system varies significantly across the Emirates and the free zones.

Only five Emirates submit to a federal court system — Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah have their own independent court systems. All of the Emirates (except in respect of some of the free zones) follow uniformly similar rules of civil procedure and evidence, and trials are decided by a single judge or a panel of three judges, and not by a jury In addition, some of the free zones have their own judicial systems, as well as their own rules of civil procedure and evidence.

Free Zones in Dubai

The UAE federal constitution, the federal laws relating to free zones and the powers reserved by the individual Emirates under the federal structure, permit each Emirate to set up “free zones” for general or industry-specific activities.

The purpose of free zones is to encourage foreign direct investment into the UAE. Free zone entities are not generally required to have any UAE nationals as owners. This contrasts with most companies incorporated in the UAE outside of the free zones, where UAE nationals are typically required to own at least 51 percent of the company’s capital.Various free zones have been set up in the UAE, most of which are in the Emirate of Dubai. Free zones are authorized to enact their own laws and regulations in specific areas, which in some cases override federal and Emirate law on the subject matter

For example, the Dubai International Financial Center (the DIFC), which is a financial free zone within Dubai, has its own body of law, including corporate law, contracts law and employment law, as well as its own court system.

Business setup in Dubai is a famous and effective source for presentation of particular products and services in the market. This resource is in the reach of all people and it is commonly used for promotion of business in the market.

PBS is committed to delivering the highest standards in clients care which is why we invest in our professionals to ensure that they have the leading industry training.
Peninsula Business Solutions’ services are structured in three domains:

Company registration in Dubai and Business setup Benefits


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  1. Company registration in Dubai

Company registration in Dubai is a recommended source for acquiring of industrial success in the market. People are increasing their interest to attain good featured services for accomplishment of their business and this is probable with the use of latest searching tools which are helpful to find out adequate information about impacts of company registration in Dubai programs in the commerce. This knowledge is obtainable for all people and this is also cheering to procure registration services without any intricacy and composite. So, people should observe different instances in this matter and they should examine all those things which are essential to make accomplishment of the business certain. For this reason, people can use modern technological facilities that are effective to examine specific facilities along with particular features. In the same way, people can fulfill the registration procedure easily by the concern of latest connection techniques. This scenario is beneficial for the customers as they can conquer their required solutions comfortably. Accordingly, this condition is also compassionate to increase financial growth level that is advantageous for the performance and reputation of any company in the market place. So, people should utilize company registration in Dubai procedure for acquiring of industrial translation solutions with exploit, accomplishment and sensation.  

  1. Business setup Dubai benefits

Business setup Dubai is a famous and effective source for presentation of particular products and services in the market. This resource is in the reach of all people and it is commonly used for promotion of business in the market. In common way, companies are presenting their products and services along with related data but this is performed with consideration of status of consumers in the market place. For this rationale, people should avail business setup Dubai program because this is effective to promote the commerce with rapidness and swiftness. This program is well reported in the market because this is managed with professional and experienced commerce persons that are capable to deliver quality solutions for sensation of business without any reservation. People can use these business setup solutions and make their commerce ideas and plans achievable without any difficulty. The attainment of these solutions should be conducted with consideration of quality, quantity and kind of commerce. This care is important because this is effective to attain quality business setup solutions in Dubai. People can also examine the performance of relevant companies to make their winning surroundings certain and obvious. This is based on the concentration and interest of the public because this is directly linked with performance of any kind of business in the market.

Company Formation in Dubai UAE


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Dubai UAE Company Formation

UAE is the leading regional trading hub; it offers access to a market of outstanding potential for overseas companies. Among its key characteristics are:

  • A growing market – Dubai’s imports have more than doubled since 1989;
  • Regional economic growth and liberalization is set to boost demand;
  • A prosperous market – strategic location at the heart of one of the world’s richest regions;
  • A diversified market – wide import requirements; opportunities for suppliers of most products;
  • An accessible market – served by more than 170 shipping lines and 86 airlines; An open market – no exchange controls, quotas or trade barriers.

Business Environment

UAE offers incoming businesses all the advantages of a highly developed economy. The infrastructure and services match the highest international standards, facilitating efficiency, quality and service. Among the benefits are:

  • Free enterprise system.
  • Highly developed transport infrastructure.
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications.
  • Sophisticated financial and services sector.
  • Top international exhibition and conference venue.
  • High quality office and residential accommodation.
  • Reliable power, utilities etc..
  • First class hotels, hospitals, schools, shops etc. Cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Business Climate

Conducting business in the UAE is very attractive due to the following reasons

  • No personal income and capital taxes
  • No corporate taxation
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No currency restrictions
  • Competitive import duties (5% with many exemptions).
  • Modern efficient communication facilities
  • Abundant and inexpensive energy supply
  • Simple staff recruitment procedures
  • Competitive freight charges
  • Competitive real estate costs.
  • Easy access to both sea and airports.

There is no corporate tax or personal tax in the UAE. The only exceptions to this are oil producing companies and branches of foreign banks. Direct taxation is against the traditions of the UAE and it is highly unlikely that it will be introduced in the near future. There are no exchange controls in the UAE and its currency, the UAE Dirham, is freely convertible. The Dirham is linked to the US dollar, the currency by which oil prices are measured. The exchange rate has remained at Dh 3.675 = US$ 1 since 1977.

The basic requirement for all business activity in UAE is one of the following three categories of licenses:
Commercial licenses covering all kinds of trading activity;
Professional licenses covering professions, services, craftsmen and artisans;
Industrial licenses for establishing industrial or manufacturing activity.

Some categories of businesses require approval from ministries also: for example, banks and financial institutions from the Central Bank of the UAE; manufacturing from the Ministry of Finance and Industry; and pharmaceutical and medical products from the Ministry of Health; branch of foreign company from the ministry of Economy and Commerce. More detailed procedures apply to businesses engaged in oil or gas production and related industries.


Fifty-one per cent participation by UAE nationals is the general requirement for all UAE established companies except:
Where the law requires 100% local ownership;
In the Free Trade Zones where 100% foreign ownership is permitted;
In activities open to 100% AGCC ownership;
Where wholly owned AGCC companies enter into partnership with UAE nationals;
In respect of foreign companies registering branches or a representative office in Dubai;
In professional or artisan companies where 100% foreign ownership is permitted.


Governing the Operations of Foreign Business Interests

In practice, however, Dubai and the other emirates followed the same general system, whereby foreign companies operated in one of three ways: with a local sponsor, through a partnership with a UAE national or company, or through a private limited company or public shareholding company incorporated by Ruler’s decree. Since 1984, steps have been taken to introduce a codified companies law applicable throughout the UAE. Federal Law No. 8 of 1984, as amended by Federal Law No. 13 of 1988 – the “Commercial Companies Law” – and its by-laws have been issued. In broad terms the provisions of the Law are as follows: The Federal Law stipulates a total local equity of not less than 51% in any commercial company and defines seven categories of business organization which can be established in the UAE. It sets out the requirements in terms of shareholders, directors, minimum capital levels and incorporation procedures. It further lays down provisions governing conversion, merger and dissolution of companies.


Legal Structures for Business

Federal Law No. 8 of 1984, as amended by Federal Law No. 13 of 1988 – the Commercial Companies Law – and its by-laws govern the operations of foreign business. In broad terms the provisions of these regulations are as follows:
The Federal Law stipulates a total local equity of not less than 51% in any commercial company and defines seven categories of business organization, which can be established in the UAE. It sets out the requirements in terms of shareholders, directors, minimum capital levels and incorporation procedures. The seven categories of business organization defined by the Law are:

General partnership company
Partnership-en-commend am
Joint venture company
Public shareholding company
Private shareholding company
Limited liability company
Share partnership company

General partnership companies are limited to UAE nationals only. The Dubai government does not presently encourage the establishment of partnership-en-commend-am and share partnership companies.

A joint venture is a contractual agreement between a foreign party and a local party licensed to engage in the desired activity. The local equity participation in the joint venture must be at least 51%, but the profit and loss distribution can be mutually agreed. Joint ventures are suitable for companies working together on specific projects.

Public and Private Shareholding Companies – The Law stipulates that companies engaging in banking, insurance, or financial activities should be run as public shareholding companies. Foreign banks, insurance and financial companies, however, can establish a presence in Dubai by opening a branch or representative office.

Shareholding companies are suitable primarily for large projects or operations, since the minimum capital required is Dh. 10 million (US$ 2.725 million) for a public company, and Dh. 2 million (US$ 0.545 million) for a private shareholding company. The chairman and majority of directors must be UAE nationals and there is less flexibility of profit distribution than is permissible in the case of limited liability companies.

Liability Companies – A limited liability company can be formed by a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 persons whose liability is limited to their shares in the company’s capital. Most companies with expatriate partners have opted for this form of company.
In Dubai, the minimum capital is currently Dh. 300,000 (US$ 82,000), contributed in cash. While foreign equity in the company may not exceed 49%, profit and loss distribution can be mutually agreed. Responsibility for the management of a limited liability company can be vested in the foreign or national partners or a third party.

Representative Offices of Foreign Commercial Companies – The Commercial Companies Law also covers the formation and regulation of branches and representative offices of foreign companies in the UAE and stipulates that they may be 100% foreign owned, provided a local agent is appointed.

Only UAE nationals or companies 100% owned by UAE nationals may be appointed as local service agents. Local agents – also sometimes referred to as sponsors – are not involved in the operations of the company but assist in obtaining visas, labour cards, etc and are paid a lump sum and/or a percentage of profits or turnover. In general, branches and offices of foreign commercial companies are not licensed to engage in importing activity except for re-export or in the case of products of a highly technical nature.

Professional Firms – In setting up a professional firm, 100% foreign ownership, sole proprietorships or civil companies are permitted. Such firms may engage in professional or artisan activities but the number of staff members that may be employed is limited. A UAE national must be appointed as local service agent, but he has no direct involvement in the business and is paid a lump sum and/or percentage of profits or turnover. The role of the local service agent is to assist in obtaining licenses, visas, labour cards, etc…

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